Pet memorial

Unfortunately I have had to make the hardest decision of my life; to put down our gorgeous dog, Betty.

The very first day I volunteered at the SPCA I saw Woohoo in her pen, confined due to an injured leg. I offered to foster her, and our home is where she stayed. Her name was pretty tragic, so she soon became Betty.

Unfortunately Betty, being a brindle staffy mix, she was often mistaken for a dangerous dog. It is however this appearance and her being a bull breed that lead me to end her life.

In her older years she did become a bit senile and I found myself making excuses for her behaviour. The decision had be weighing on my mind for a very long time. She was on borrowed time.

I nearly put her down a month ago. I had intentions of bringing her body home, so sat in the boot of my car with her, outside the vet clinic, while a sedative was administered. I just couldn’t go through with it. I cried like a child. I decided to take her home. It took a good 48 hours for the medication to wear off. We continued our lives, with Bettys behaviour always preying on me. I was so worried she would draw blood next time. That’s when I realised I could not have a bull breed dog that I could not trust. I booked another appointment.

I know it is much nicer to stay with them when being put down, but I just couldn’t go through the torment. I handed over the lead and sobbed my way to the car and drove home. I felt sick.

I have regrets. That I should have brought her body home. But then, I wouldn’t want a grave site at home. It was hard enough for the kids to deal with her death, then for us to continuously be reminded of her by a grave site on the property.

I should have, at least taken an impression of her paw. We have some great photos and video footage of Betty in our lives. As a potter though I should have thought about capturing a memento in clay. So that is what I offer you.

I can send you some clay so that you can take an imprint of your pets paw. This then gets sent back to me where I make a plaster mould of it, to use on a clay plaque. The plaque is dried, kiln fired and sent back to you.

It can be attached to a rock with liquid nails or just placed in your garden as a memorial stone.

If you, like me were not able to capture your pets print I can use a generic paw print.

Plaques are approx. 20cm by 12cm

I hope to help you to remember, celebrate and grieve your beloved pet.