Taranaki Clay Club

The urge to create with clay is ingrained. Its like people say, I’m in my element. Like my husbands commitment to the sea and incorporating surfing and swimming into his life, I find comfort when I’m creating with clay. Its not something I studied at a university, instead opting for a Degree in Animal Technology, but a calling as such. My mother pots. She loves to make bowls. Big bowls. If its a bowl you are after, shes your potter. But me, my constantly changing moods and lives trials and tribulations influence my creativity. Sometimes I crank P!nk on the Sonos, other days it’s Jess Glynn or Donavon Frankenreiter and pump out bowl after bowl until till it huts 3pm and the school bus drops my kids at the gate. I greet them covered in clay. Other days I have something troublesome playing on my mind, and I produce a sculpture to manifest my thoughts.

It is this outlet that clay provides me that I hope to offer others in creating the Taranaki Clay Club. A casual clay club where I host sessions in my garage studio at our property on State Highway 45, also known as the Surf Highway. I managed to secure funds from the Creative Communities Scheme which meant I could purchase clay and glazes for the project. Due to COVID I also received funding to help get clay into homes enabling more people to give clay a go. I posted packs of air clay clay and acrylic paints encouraging the members to share their work on the Facebook page, inspiring others. The ethos of the club is to be inspired and to inspire others. I want people to give clay a go, and not to be afraid of the failures along the way. That is all part of the ceramic journey. I support the Facebook page and hope to help others connect in the community, giving them a fun creative place to hang out while dabbling in ceramic art.

I would like to continue this venture and so have applied for more funding and am always looking for grants and donations so that this initiative is self sustaining. I currently have a crowd funding project launched with Boosted to raise funds for a larger more reliable kiln and another wheel, but am always open to receive donations direct.

Taranaki Clay Club 15 3952 0509721 000