Getting creative

Having four children is pretty time consuming. For one; it’s exhausting… and costly. Their interests and hobbies tend to consume much of our spare time and funds and restricts the people we interact with and the commitments we make to clubs and teams. Now that the youngest is 3, I can finally find some time to commit to my own interests, as an ongoing commitment rather than just a sanity measure. I am also able to meet others with similar cravings for creative outlets.

I was pretty excited about moving to Raglan and had seen that there was an amazing Art Gallery slash Clay Shed. I had played around with clay years ago, but not to fire in a kiln, but to use to create sculptures. I’d allow the piece to dry for a few days, then make a mold of my work using silicon or latex and a mother mold of plaster paris. I would then cast the molds in concrete.

raglan nz clay pottery sculpture handmade art woman love concrete couple pregnant baby fertility lady

These figures represent my values; my love for my husband and our unity, the beauty and special bond formed with a baby while pregnant and the nurturing of a child.

I didn’t know that I would be recreating these images in my future pottery efforts, adding to my repertoire pieces depicting fertility issues, breast cancer abuse.

My first piece I created while at a Tuesday night beginners group was a woman who resembled a nun. As I created the form she began to collapse, but I enjoyed this morphing and allowed her to become slumped, under pressure. How I was feeling at the time, with our recent move.




I love black, but thought for some difference I’d try some slip blending with Kaka Green.

raglan nz clay pottery sculpture handmade lulu art couple support struggle fertility issues adopt egg donor reciepient

Being so new to working with clay I mistakenly used too much water, which apparently I am told is why a crack formed after firing. I kinda like this though and think it adds to the image I was trying to create.


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