Creating Keepsake Charms

I love my Pandora bracelet. It was given to me by my father and his wife, as a graduation present. The first charms were a fish and a graduation hat. Since then many more beads have been added; a turtle, snake, strawberry… picked out by my children as Mothers Day gifts. There’s a star charm from our trip to the states, a bible from when we got baptised and house from our purchase last year. If you meet anyone sporting one of these charm bracelets, ask them their story. We love sharing the meaning behind every charm.

I am super excited about these resin keepsakes! I hope I can create personal charms, to commemorate, celebrate and mourn.

Using a silicone mould, I fill the cavities with resin and place the keepsake, whether it be shells, hair or ash. They set over night. I pull the pair from the mould and let sit for a few days before filing down and sanding the edge.

Using E6000 jewellery glue I finish the charm off with a silver plated grommet.

They look stunning on a black braided leather bracelet. I have gifted these to my lil nieces for their birthdays. I look forward to adding charms as they grow and reach mile stones in their lives.

I have listed personalised charms on Trade Me and  Etsy and have a couple in store in Hamilton’s New Zealand handmade home décor and gift shop Story


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