Tairua Pipemasters -Brad Smeele Fundraiser

All About the Event

The Tairua Pipemasters was an awesome event, that returned in 2015, to raise funds for Brad Smeele’s recovery. Brad Smeele is an internationally recognised professional wakeboarder, who at 27, unfortunately had a very serious accident, while attempting a trick, in Florida. The accident resulted in Brad shattering his C4 vertebrae,  becoming a quadriplegic.

Brad’s Accident

He is am amazing guy, and the support of his fans, friends and family and his determination has seen him progress. He is truly inspirational and his progress is worth following. He decided he is not going to cut his hair until he walks again! Go Brad!

Brad Smeeles Recovery Facebook Page

The children at Tairua School were fortunate enough to have Brad guest speak at their assembly.

The Brad Smeele Foundation raises funds for his recovery. There are some pretty cool tee shirts and singlets available. 100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to the Brad Smeele Foundation to ensure he receives the best possible treatment and care.

For more information on New Zealand tourist attractions pop in and see the volunteers at

Tairua Information Centre

 223 Main Rd Tairua, (07) 864 7580

Find them on Facebook too!


tairua piemasters brad smeeletairua piemasters brad smeeletairua pipe masters brad smeele

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