Surf to Firth -toughening up

Being new to competitive running/walking I signed up for the 14k walk. I was just ‘Toughening Up’ ; ) My father, who was running the Surf to Firth marathon for the second time was ‘Tough Enough’.

Our bus ride dropped us up at the Waiotahi Block track, where we checked in and waited until our start time of 10am. This was a great time to chat to other competitors and to hear their story’s of how and why they we taking on the challenge. I meet John from Texas who had been Air Bnb’ing around New Zealand with his wife; Glen, whose wife was supporting him while grandparents minded their daughters and a young woman from the UK who has been in New Zealand for 3 weeks and was working and living at the Thames hospital. I’m looking forward to the results to see how these guys all got on!

I was fortunate to find a lovely couple, Andy and Sue from Pauanui, who were travelling at a great pace. I apologised as I tagged along with them for an hour, until we came across the mud. Ooooo and there was lots of it!

Andy has been a volunteer involved in the Pauanui To Tairua Trail which I have previously blogged about! I love the 8km track they have created. He told me of their struggle to find sponsor’s for the project. Check out the link if you think maybe you could contribute!

The first half of the track took an hour and a half, which was pretty good, considering the DOC tramping estimated times.

surf to firth nz new zealand bush walk run coromandel

From this height we came across some pretty amazing views.

The weather was perfect, although it had rained over night, which resulted in some pretty messy sneakers. At some spots there just wasn’t anywhere to go but straight through it. I pitied my father who was yet to come through this part of the track! I wasn’t sure what state he would find it in! I came across a stream, hesitated and put my foot right in it! I tripped once, on the descent and grazed my leg. It was awesome!

Then the 1km mark, and I was out of the bush and walking as fast I could to the finish line and my adoring fans! It was hard to resist the urge to run!

Then a 2 hour wait for my Dad to finish his marathon!

surf to firth nz new zealand bush run walk coromandel

It was a great race and now I’m hooked! I can’t wait for the next race and will definitely attempt a run rather than a walk, which had it’s own challenges. Sometimes I just wanted to run! And it was hard being overtaken by runners when you know you had it in you to go faster too! Will see how sore I am tomorrow, how my bruise browns up and try and get all that mud off my shoes!

Surf 2 Firth

Before I go, check out this guy’s post:surf to firth nz new zealand bush run walk coromandel Craig Lovelock

He’s Craig Lovelock and is fundraising for St Catherines Hospice.

A mazing!

surf to firth nz new zealand bush run walk coromandel Craig Lovelock

52 Marathons Facebook Page

For more information on New Zealand tourist attractions and walks

call in and see the volunteers at

Tairua Information Centre

 223 Main Rd Tairua, (07) 864 7580

Find them on Facebook too!

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