Surf to Firth – are you tough enough?

Well I did it! I walked the 14km track of the Surf 2 Firth! My race was more like a Firth to Firth, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.

surf to firth

surf to firth hikuai school marathon

At 7am, in the dark, we gathered at Hikuai School for the debrief, along with 28 other marathon runners from around the world. There were Dutch, Swedish, American, Brazilian…

Sanitising procedures were followed to ensure Kauri Dieback was not carried into or out of the forest on the runners shoes.

surf to firth kauri dieback

The Hikuai School Principal, Jared Stein, welcomed the runners and spoke briefly about the painting that hung on the wall, which they use to inspire the students. He explained how at Hikuai School they encourage the children to set their goals high, looking towards the Pinnacles, the nearby mountain range the runners were about to climb. He pointed out the stepping stones in the river, which  symbolised the challenges they face. He explained to the runners that if they accomplish each of the smaller challenges, before they know it they will have reached their main goal.

surf to firth hikuai school

And then…. they were off!

And we headed back home for a cuppa ; )

For more information on New Zealand tourist attractions and walks

call in and see the volunteers at

Tairua Information Centre

 223 Main Rd Tairua, (07) 864 7580

Find them on Facebook too!


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