Surf to Firth

Pretty excited for the Surf to Firth, not because I’m running it but because my 65 year old father is running it! It is one of the most challenging off road bush marathons in New Zealand. The course offers three options; 42 km marathon run, 22 km half marathon run/walk and a  14km run/walk.

12th March 2016, starting at Hikuai School, on the eastern side of the Coromandel Ranges and finishes at the Thames High School in Thames.

surf to firth

Proceeds got to the LSAR Land Search and Rescue and Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust

**** Oh dear, since writing this post, I’ve decided to enter too! Not the marathon tho, that’s just crazy stuff. But the 14km walk. Years ago I managed an 8km Round the Bays in Auckland, and a Nike Woman’s run that was 5kms. I’ve had a baby since then! I’ve only been back walking/running for 2 months, since I quit drinking. Hopefully I go the distance ; )

It will definitely be one to tick off the List!



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