Pauanui Waterfall

If you are ever in the area, you have just got to stop at the Pauanui Waterfall. Pop it on your List! The sign is definitely in need of some attention, but still not hard to miss. The track is about 2km out of Pauanui, on the left. The walk is a quick and easy 20min even the kids can do it. The stunning native bush leads you to a trickling stream, and onto the dramatic waterfall! The waterhole it creates is perfect for swimming, just make sure you check the depth first, and don’t go diving it!

Pauanui Waterfall walk nz new zealand native bush

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For more information on New Zealand tourist attractions and walks

call in and see the volunteers at

Tairua Information Centre

 223 Main Rd Tairua, (07) 864 7580

Find them on Facebook too!

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