Pauanui Summit Hike

Well I’m glad I did it, but I’m not sure I’ll do it again. Purely because they don’t allow dogs, and I’ve gotta exercise those guys too!

I found the track really hard to follow. I came across a few forks in the path, and just keep taking the path heading up and to the left, that way I knew I would be heading in the direction of the headland point.

Thankfully it was a drizzly wet day, and not a stinking hot and humid one like we’ve been having lately. I managed to keep to the times allotted on the sign and made it to Pauanui Summit in 45min.

From there it was onto Cave Bay which was a much different terrain. The steep, muddy, well rooted, twisting track that lead up to the Trig Station gradually changed to a more moderate track, however due to the pine needle littering the pathway I did take my first wee skid.

My only companion, a little native Fantail


An hour and a half later I found myself at the point of the headland. I looked around for a path to take me back to the beach, but found none, just a sign:

pauanui summit nz new zealand native bush walk

Probably should warn people of this at the start of the track?

The bouldery bays were quite a welcomed change from being in the bush for the past 2 hours. I carefully rambled my way across the rocky shoreline. The caves were pretty awesome. If I were ever homeless, that’s where you will find me! I had a lot of fun in this expedition taking photos of the moss in the damp bush and then the beautiful lichen growing on the dry salted rocks.


#goodforyoursoul #thecoromandel #tairuainforcentre

For more information on New Zealand tourist attractions and walks

call in and see the volunteers at

Tairua Information Centre

 223 Main Rd Tairua, (07) 864 7580

Find them on Facebook too!

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