The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

My husband and I received an amazing gift this week, of tickets to The Phantom of the Opera! On top of that, my mother also offered to mind our four cherubs!

The Phantom of the OperaWe made a quick exit and drove the 2 hours to the Civic. Plucked from our scenic tranquil town of Tairua into our now foreign old stomping ground of Auckland. I struggle to understand why so many people are fighting so hard to live in the city. It’s so dirty and chaotic. It makes me feel so small and unimportant. Living in Tairua gives you the sense that you can make a difference in the world, and I’m proud that we are raising our children to believe just that. In the city it feels like you are just a tiny ant bustling from one spot to the next. No communication going on to the other ants around you. Just busy going about your all important daily chores. We would be returning to our haven after the show.

First opened in 1929, the Civic is an amazing building. It’s a large heritage theatre which seats 2,378 people (Tairua’s population is approximately 1,500). It’s Indian inspired foyer is grand, with twisted columns and domed ceilings and seated Buddhas. The main auditorium is decorated with turrets, minarets, spires and Abyssinian panther statues,  imitating a Moorish garden. It is a famous atmospheric theatre. The ceiling and its lights are design to make you feeling like you are in an outdoor auditorium. Midnight blue sky complete with twinkling stars. Just like at home ; )

Now the play was just awesome. I can’t sing, dance or act, but I can definitely appreciate the passion that each of those cast members has for their art. I was in awe of them!

We hadn’t been in our aisle seats long, when a woman approached us, explaining that she gets claustrophobic, and had already had a wee panic attack, and the show hadn’t even started yet! She wanted to know if we would mind switching seats with her and her husband. Being Theatre novices we had no idea which seats were better, but we switched anyways. Well her seats were front row centre. They we cheaper, but we valued them higher! We were just metres away from the actors, and could see every facial expression, every pattern on each elaborate costume and even when Raoul dramatically sang his solo and spat over the percussionist! Plus being enthusiasts of the passion behind each cast member we got to examine the orchestra, choir and conductor as they performed. A vital part to the drama which so many people did not get to appreciate in it’s entirety.

Oh yes, and the chandelier. My mother had said to watch out for the chandelier. Well we were in direct line of it, and looked up as it came crashing down from the ceiling!

Now we just cant get The Phantom of the Opera  out of our minds!

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