Pauanui to Tairua Trail

Had a great run/walk today, checking out the newly completed 4.2km stretch of the Pauanui to Tairua Trail. It was awesome! What a great feature to offer locals and visitors to the area. This part of the track can be entered from Waterways Parade, or from Tangitarori Lane, on the right as you head out of Pauanui.

I had previously walked it with the family a few months ago. Back then it was just a narrow dirt track edged with newly felled trees. Today it is beautiful! A real treat. Not just for the keen cyclists, but for runners, walkers and pram pushers. You are welcome to take your dog too, as long as its on a lead at all times. Young children could even manage a dawdle along the harbours edge.

There is pest control in full force so pets and children must be supervised. The location of bait stations and stoat traps are easily identified by colour coded triangles.

It took me 30mins to walk to the end, where if you brought your wallet, you could carefully cross the road a have a look around the Pauanui Art Gallery!

What’s really special about this walk is that its surrounded by trees which have been dedicated to soliders who fell in the Great War. There are seven World War 1 Memorial Forest sites across the Coromandel. This particular site represents the 640 killed in the Sinai-Palestine Campaign. If you are interested in giving a donation or gifting a tree contact the Thames-Coromandel District Council Customer Services on 07 868 0200

WW1 Memorial Forest

WW1 memorial forest pauanui tairua cycle trail

You can help support this project by making a donation to:

The Hikuai District Trust

03 0458 0277108 00

pauanui tairua cycle trail




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