Kiwiana Concrete tiles

My neighbour asked me to make him some concrete tiles, featuring Kiwiana images. He did specify however that he wanted the images to be raised, and not etched in, so that dirt wouldn’t accumulate in the tile. So I asked my mother for her left over clay (she creates amazing bowls) and got to work!

I used 3 plastic boxes and lined them an inch thick with clay.

jan3 012jan3 011jan3 013jan3 015

 I tried pressing a fern leaf into the clay to give a fossil like imprint, but I think the result would be too suttle for this client. So instead, using clay tools I etched images into the clay of each box.

I let these dry a little over night, then poured the concrete, 2 inches thick. I left these for a good 3 days before pulling from the moulds.

I’m pretty happy with the final results, once the clay had been hosed off. The nice thing too is that they are originals, that with this method the mould imprint is destroyed when pulling the tile out of the mould. I could now make a silicone mould off these concrete tiles, to reproduced them….

concrete tile nz fern

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