Constantly cleaning up 

As a mother of four, I realise that I will never have the entire house tidy at the same time. I gave up on that a child ago. While I wiz around upstairs, I hear the familiar sound coming from downstairs, of the Lego box being tipped out and the dog chewing on some poor helpless barbie, who had been left on the floor. Meanwhile there’s a mound of clean washing on my bed that will get pushed onto the floor when it’s time for bed, only to be chucked back on in the morning. 

8.40am! Time for school! I run out the door, shutting the mess behind. 

But today I started a new venture. To Keep Tairua Tidy. I got rid of the kids to school and Preschool, then parked my car just out of Tairua. Geared with my fluro vest, gloves and black sacks I headed off for a walk. Im such a geek.  Not quite sure why I’m borthering. Surely there’s someone I can call to report the state of our highway? Anyways, off I go, looking like I’m serving Community Service for some crime I’ve committed. 

I’m just tired of driving past the countless beer bottles, energy drink cans, Mc Donald wrappers and cigarette packets. New Zealand’s Coast is amazing. We have thousands of tourists that visit every year. They probably contribute to this mess too. But it’s our back yard. We need to take Ownership of it and become its guardians. We are capable of doing it. If everyone pitches in its just a small job. I’ll be back out there in a couple if days to finish the stretch of highway I started. I walked for 1 1/2hrs and collected 4 bags of rubbish. I didn’t think there would be so much, so ran out of bags! 

To dump the bags at the local tip cost me $3.20. That’s 80c a bag. 

I hope this Initiative is contagious ; ) 

 keep tairua tidy, new zealand beautiful  
keep tairua tidy, new zealand beautiful, littering  keep tairua tidy, new zealand beautiful, littering, adopt a highway  
keep tairua tidy, new zealand beautiful, littering, adopt a highway 

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