Keep Tairua Tidy

I’ve been taking a good look at myself lately. I am making an attempt to change the things I don’t like. Kinda like a makeover! Or more like a make-under, without the makeup, which just covers flaws. (I’m 36 and am proud to say I don’t own any makeup!)

I’m a frequent user of social media and am tired of seeing so many posts from people complaining. They write from the comfort of their couch and moan. I’ll admit  it, I’ve done it plenty of times, but now I’m going to be all about Action. I’m going to start taking a stand and try to make a difference. I don’t want to piss anyone off in the process, but am going to try and do something about the things that bug me. Like the littering around the Coromandel. I just don’t understand how anyone could just throw rubbish out their car window, especially  while travelling thought this beautiful landscape. And we all just assume someone else will deal with it. That someone will be paid to clean it up. Well I’m taking Action and taking ownership. 

I drove past some litter that could have easily been put into a nearby rubbish bin. Rather than think “oh doesn’t matter, the Council will pick it up”, I did a U-turn, stopped, and picked up the rubbish. Now all the passing tourist wouldn’t have to be greeted by such a sight. It only took a second, and yet made such a difference. Better yet, my children were in the car, so saw me doing this. I am raising them to respect the environment and showing them that they too can make a difference and take Action
Our next generation need to protect their land and take a stand ;  )

 litter new zealand rubbish trash 
I now have a box in my car with plastic bags, gloves and hand sanitiser ; )

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