Resin embedded magnets

I gave paper embedding another go, and I’m pleased I did! This time I used Modge Podge to seal the paper and Entropy Super Sap CCR Resin in a silicone mould!

 embedding paper in resin 
First step was to cut the circles to be embedded. I used a circle cut from wax paper to use as a guide of where to cut.

Then each piece was laid out on wax paper and coated twice with Modge Podge, before pealing off, flipping over and laying out on a fresh piece of wax paper to be painted with the Modge Podge again….. And again….

 embedding paper in resin  
embedding paper in resin  embedding paper in resin 
Next each circle is pedalled off and trimmed, preferably leaving a small edge of dried M.P.

 embedding paper in resin 
Now for the embedding!

I greased the silicone mould by wiping it down with some spray oil. Then filled the cavities with about 5mm of the Fibreglass Shop’s Entropy Super Sap CCR Resin, and let cure. 

 embedding paper in resin  
embedding paper in resin 
Then I poured another 5mm of resin and embedded the pieces of paper, being careful not to trap air bubbles. 

 embedding paper in resin 
The following day the pieces were cured and could be removed from the mould.

I’m super happy with the results and will glue some magnets to the back with Clear Liquid Nails! 

 embedding paper in resinThere were a few marks where the paper wasn’t completely sealed by the Modge Podge, and the resin has seeped thru, but not a major ; ) (maybe 3 coats next time)

 embedding paper in resin

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