embedding paper in resin

So my sister in Adelaide sent me something to try; embedding paper in resin. She provided me with a metal tray her kids had been playing with in the yard, making mud pies, and some pages torn from old books. So I went to work, searching online how to do this! http://www.resinobsession.com helped alotJan2015 103

I cut a circle, the desired size with wax paper, that way I could see the print beneath while placing it on a page for cutting. The circle was a tad smaller than the mould, to ensure resin would completely surround the paper.

Jan2015 104Jan2015 105

Jan2015 106

Then I taped down some wax paper and painted the pieces of paper with PVA glue. I let this set and repeated. Once the side was completely dry I pealed the circles off the wax par, and did the same to the other side. Once that side was dry I trimmed the edge of the glue leaving a wee gap, to ensure it was completely sealed.

PVA glue paper embedding

The second method was to cover both sides of the paper circles with clear celeotape. This was soooo much easier! And quicker!

Jan2015 113Jan2015 114Jan2015 181

I filled the mould 1/2 full of Kleer Kast Embedding Resin, and after about an hour, carefully placed each circle on the sticky resin, trying hard not to trap any air bubbles. Then I filled the mould and let sit under a dome until fully cured.


The results were not too good. Thankfully I only tried four to start with ; ) As the mould was solid I couldn’t twist it to loosen the finished items plus I didn’t used much mould release (only a light rub down with cooking oil). This would have helped with removing the items, and also smoothed over the mould, instead items shows the tiny scratches that were all over the metal mould. With some buffering and waxing they would look ok, but then I had to use a knife to pick at the item to get it out! So they are covered in chips. I suppose I could sand these out, but its just not worth the effort. Fun time trialling methods tho, and learning as I go…..

As for the PVA method vs the celotape; Even though the celotape method was heaps easier and faster the mess the PVA method made was well worth the results. You can clearly see the celotape edge in the resin, but the PVA edge is almost invisible. I will try both methods again, with a different, silicone mould, and using Modge Podge instead of PVA.

Stay tuned ; )

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