Hypertufa attempt

Well I’ve been dabbling in concrete for a while now, and I a feel like a change, so I thought I’d give the Hypertufa a go.

From the You Tube clips I’ve seen, it appears to be a much simpler way to make pots, as you don’t need the second container to displace the concrete. Instead you can get the substrate to a consistency, where you can form a ball, it is much more malleable. The pot and can be pressed into a mould and holes it’s shape until set.

The drainage hole can easily be formed using a finger!

I used a 1:2 ratio of Portland Cement to Peat, and kept adding water until I reached the desired consistency.

nov30 110

nov30 111

nov30 112

Molds cast with Hypertufa

The issue I had, was that my Peat had Blood and Bone added, which gave it the browner colour. I suppose it will be better for the plants, but I’m not sure how the pots will hold up!

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