Attempted a Market

Well, I attempted a market.

I’d been making my crafts for a while now, and thought it may be good to try and shift some stock, in order to purchase more resources.

I just didn’t know if I was ‘market material’. I was pretty nervous. It was kinda like ‘coming out’ to my small local community, that I am trying to create a small business, by work from home, creating homemade crafts. But I suppose you just have to give it a go, or you will just never know. I’ve tried to keep everything on the cheap. Not getting too carried away investing too much of our very limited spare cash.

The morning of the market, I was toying with the idea of giving it a miss, telling myself I didn’t have enough stock, and that my products weren’t of a very high standard. Then I saw a missed txt from my mother, who was on her way to come mind the kids… so up I jumped!

It’s quite a mission getting ready for a market, and in future I will get the car prepared the night before. I was worried I would forget something, be stuck in the Coromandel heat, with a trestle table in front of me, loaded with my work,  busting for a pee, and lacking the all essential sunblock!

Beautiful backdrop for my market stall

Beautiful backdrop for my market stall

It was a nerve racking experience.

I may not have gained a lot of cash that morning, but I did gain a lot of market friends, exposure, advice, motivation and most importantly, I networked among the other creative people in my community, with the common goal of being self employed. I admire these people, and am very blessed to be surrounded by them.

I introduced myself to each stall holder, and chatted about our successes and our failures.

I was able to photograph the products, and have since created a Facebook page for the Tairua Market where their crafts and services can be marketed.

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