Revamping old LP records

Feeling pretty creative lately and been meaning to make some Vinyl Bowls.

Such a quick and easy way to create a talking piece for the table, or a unique party bowl, where it doesn’t matter if it accidentally gets left behind ; )

Old Lp Record

Find yourself a scratched, out of service LP record at any good Op shop. I got mine for $1

Lp Record

You’ll need some oven mitts, an oven tray and a bowl whose base is approx. the same as the centre circle of the record

Place the tray, with the bowl and record set up on it, into the oven which has been preheated to 180 C

Lp record melting Lp record meltiing

I don’t close the oven door, as within seconds the record begins to soften. I use the oven mitts to help get the curves I want, then remove the tray and all from the oven, placing it on a nearby chopping board. You still have a few seconds to firmly hold the record in place before it hardens again!

oct6 013 oct6 014

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