Kids Market-ing

I love trying to get my kids into making money. Community markets are a great way to teach them the basics of working for their money. Last year I used Vistaprint, and produced stickers for them to sell. I created the image and added the towns name.           If the kids wanted to spend money at the market they had to first earn it, even to buy their lunch!

This year we added plaster crafts to the table, for other kids to buy to take home and paint.

Using a collection of moulds, made with liquid latex, purchased from Trig Instruments, the kids and I worked as a team to produce a selection of plaster crafts. As they were made the morning of the market, once out of the moulds I put them in the oven on a very low heat to speed up the drying process.

The kids also had poster paint at the market, in case kids wanted to paint them while there, and had plastic plates for them to take them home on.

moulds molds 3 011 3 012 3 013 3 022

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