Fathers Day Gift to Myself ; )

If you are a creative person, you just have to be creative.

My on my Creative List is to get into carving. I’m not sure how to do it, what substrate to use, or what to carve. All I know is, I want to get into carving.

So… instead of purchasing the token Fathers Day gift of undies, ping pong equipment, or a hammock (major fail last year), I brought myself a Rotary Tool!

I feel superior to all, that I now know what a Rotary Tool is! And even better now that I can say I own one!

Rotary tool kit for carving and engraving$89 at Placemakers

So the kids and I went beach combing for some rocks on which they could engrave their messages. They packaged these heavy notes in a basket, along with Dad necessities, chewing gum (he’s now addicted to since quitting smoking 8 years ago), surfboard wax and bluetak (for his ears while surfing).

Sept15 010 engraving stone

For my own father, I source a little wooden bowl, and engraved our family motto into it.     engraving wood

So a bit creative this year for Fathers Day, and the mornings activities followed suit

Sept15 056  plaster from mould mold

And brunch….

Sept15 057

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